Sun Moon Child // Imani Uzuri

“The song came through me,” explains Imani Uzuri of her single “Sun Moon Child.” “I was doing a walking meditation in Northern California… the breeze was blowing, the sun was setting and I could see hills in the distance. A voice spoke to me and said ‘I believe in your destiny.’”

The song and video for “Sun Moon Child” are nothing short of a spiritual journey through what inspires Imani day-to-day. Growing up in rural North Carolina, Imani’s musical style and lyrics echo her life story. “I grew up running and playing in dirt fields, drinking water from the well, falling asleep while reading under pecan trees, dreaming…”

As an artist, Imani explains that her “exploration of world cultures, art, philosophies and spirituality is central” to her aesthetic. “I am committed to invoking a cathartic experience for myself, my collaborators, and the audience.” The music video for “Sun Moon Child”, directed by Pierre Bennu, provides the viewer with a perfect reflection of Imani’s philosophy. “When I heard Imani’s song I couldn’t get it out of my head,” says Pierre. “I listened to it on loop for weeks and the piece built itself in my mind… By the time I sat down to edit, it took just under a week to find additional footage and assemble the piece.”

Pierre Bennu is no stranger to the relationship between music and film. “I’m a DJ and tend to see musically and listen visually.” He explains, “I love silent films and have been known to watch movies with the sound off to see what it’s like as a purely visual experience, but I really respect the power of the connection between music and film.”

Like Imani, Pierre has a great love and respect for his art form. He refers to the video for “Sun Moon Child” as a “digital altar piece.” It’s certainly an offering that captivates the viewer.

—Annick Mayer