Promises // The Morning Benders

“It has been completely insane and amazing,” say The Morning Benders of the excitement surrounding their current tour. Having just come off a handful of sold-out shows in their new hometown of NYC, the band paused for a moment to catch up with A44.

“No one planned for any of this,” lead singer Chris Chu humbly divulges. “We originally booked one show at Mercury Lounge hoping we could get enough people in there, and a couple months later we had to add two more New York shows.” The hyped video release for “Promises,” featuring little kids as gun-slinging, cigarette-smoking, all-around Bonnie and Clydes, has officially thrown the spotlight on The Morning Benders. “We had no idea what to expect when we were putting out this album,” says Chu, and the band is so “grateful that people are spending time with the record and connecting with it.”

Originally from Berkley, CA, The Morning Benders transport listeners to a sunnier coast. Often likened to The Beach Boys, they give weight to their breezy melodies with poignant lyrics. “Promises” deals with “the feeling you get when time sweeps you up, and all of the sudden you are leading a life you didn’t set out to lead,” a familiar subject, yet far from fluffy. Showing that their sense of humor is as good as their music, The Morning Benders explained that for the “Promises” video they “thought it would be funny and appropriate to put these kids into a super dark and over-the-top violent situation that they would never have grown into realistically.”

—Annick Mayer