Pile of $$$ // Caged Animals // News

Caged Animals came together somewhat haphazardly. Vincent Cacchione first posted songs under the name of Caged Animals, which he describes as “weird home-recorded pop songs” on his blog. “The universe was feeling thoughtful, and all the right people heard it, and I was signed to one of the coolest labels, Lucky Number Music,” explains Cacchione. So he put together a band with his partner Magali, sister Talya and buddies Pat and Turner – and thus Caged Animals was born.

Caged Animals just returned from a pretty lengthy European tour where the band played the London Calling Fest with their friends, Friends, involving themselves in “a bunch of mischief,” as Cacchione says. “It’s really nice to wander and get lost in new places.  We also got the chance to play in London, Paris, Brussels and Reykjavik! It’s been really gratifying to meet people who love the album in places we’ve never been.”

The video for “Piles Of $$” was filmed in Hollywood in between Caged Animals’ England tour and the Iceland Airwaves Festival. “We were really excited to get a brief respite on the West Coast, although it ended up being chillier there than London,” recalls Cacchione. “We stayed a couple blocks away from the Church Of Scientology building and every morning I fantasized about walking in and making new friends, but I’m glad we shot the video instead.” Of course we had to ask who braved the flames during the making of the video… Cacchione explains: “The fella who gets lit on fire’s name is Brad. He’s a friendly guy and he seemed a bit nervous before he was lit on fire. This is by far the strangest thing that has ever come out of writing a song in your bedroom, at least so far.” Somehow no one was hurt, at least as far as the whole lighting a guy on fire goes. “It’s not a GOOD story, but our friend Courtney actually broke her finger on the shoot, while we were filming an aborted scene on Mulholland Drive, where the director Ace is dressed in a Bill Clinton outfit and seranades Magali and I with his saxophone, while we romantically hold hands, against the backdrop of LA.”

Caged Animals will be touring the US and Europe in 2012, and making their first trip to SXSW as a band! 2012 will also see a second Caged Animals LP. Until then, Cacchione says they are “holing up in the front room of our apartment in Bushwick and experimenting with music as much as possible. I’m looking for that pure thing.”

- Annick Mayer