Montana // Youth Lagoon

At just 22 years old, Trevor Powers, aka Youth Lagoon, is indeed wise beyond his years. The Arcade got a chance to talk to Powers about growing up, making music, and reflecting on what turned out to be an insanely busy year. “I was born in San Diego, but I grew up in Boise, Idaho where I still live,” says Powers, “Boise has an extremely calm environment, but I can’t really say if it has influenced my sound… everyone you meet or everything you do is often a direct reflection on what is created.”

In the past year, Powers wrote, recorded, and is about to release his first solo effort, The Year of Hibernation, an album which turned out to be a rather personal one. “To me, it feels good to express myself that way.” But Powers also reveals the other side of this; “It’s definitely weird though, because now I have to try to explain every song or why I did what I did, and I often don’t know exactly what to say.” After thinking about how to explain, Powers says honestly, “I just did what felt right.”

The song, “Montana,” deals with the feeling of losing someone and the idea that you might not see that person again. The video, directed by Powers’ friend, Tyler T. Williams, shows “a man dealing with the death of his father who passed away in war when he was a kid.” The video explores the feeling of loss that Powers was dealing with in the song, “I actually started writing the song when my sadness was at its highest point,” Power tells us, “but ended up finishing writing the song after I got things resolved with this person.” In the end, Powers reflects, “the story shows how he finally found a certain peace in all of it.

With not only the talent and drive, but also a head on his shoulders, it’s clear that this is just the beginning for Trevor Powers. “I’ve realized to be thankful for what I have. For the longest time in my life, I’ve been scared to stand up for myself or to step out on a limb, and now I’m slowly realizing to have more faith and to be grateful every step of the way.”

Amen to that!

Catch Youth Lagoon as he tours throughout the US. The Year of Hibernation is out September 27 on Fat Possum (and on Lefse in Europe). Tonight, he graces the stage at Pygmalion Festival in Urbana, Il.

—Annick Mayer