Lil Ivy // Acrylics

“Old Hollywood, automobiles, anything botanical, all types of radio (including oldies), soft 70s hits I just heard in the dentist’s chair while I was getting my teeth cleaned last week…” These are just a few of the things on Molly Shea’s list of influences. The frontwoman of Acrylics, the Brooklyn-based band with Jason Klauber, Molly goes on to rep “Hot 97 hip hop, the Latin dance and smooth jazz stations we hear in car services all the time,” and a recent “dentist’s chair” favorite, “Jackie Blue” by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

Molly and Jason met during college, and she describes Jason’s band at the time as an “infamous all-Sagittarius scrappy punk band. [I] knew that he could make my songs come alive. We work very well together and have fun playing off each other’s ideas.” Natives of Philadelphia and New York, the band now calls Brooklyn home. “Brooklyn is the backdrop for a lot of social stuff and we enjoy being part of a community of musicians. Location informs the kind of music you write, whether it’s because of the sounds you hear on a daily basis or sounds that you wish you were hearing.”

Acrylic’s video for “Lil Ivy” boasts some generous fog machine action and consequently some pretty amazing visuals. “My friend Ross had to dance around holding a live fish in a fishbowl in a crowded room filled with smoke,” Molly says, recalling the day of the shoot. “Most of the time we were already completely swimming in fog from the machines and then one of the directors would shout, ‘Smoke! Smoke! More smoke!’ and it would suddenly get even more intense. At its worst, you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. Everyone was coughing and laughing and sipping brandy to stay warm. It was amazing and hilarious at the same time.”

Keep your eyes and ears peeled, Acrylics will be releasing their first full-length record in the upcoming months. NYC Players can catch them live at Cake Shop tomorrow night.

—Annick Mayer