Life Coach // Carlos Charlie Perez + Fang Island

Working with bands like Vampire Weekend, Evan Voytas and Fang Island, director/photographer Carlos Charlie Perez sets out to create much more than your average “music video.” Perez believes “each frame [should] be as beautiful and memorable as the next,” so he doesn’t simply “want the video’s relationship to the song to be ‘decorative.’” In the video for Fang Island’s “Life Coach,” Perez cleverly illuminates his photographic background. “Photography is still,” he explains, “unlike video or film, so when composing for a single photo, one has to decide whether the image is worth telling or showing. In a video you have almost an infinite amount of still frames that move together to tell a story. In my work I try to treat music videos as if I were setting up to take a single photograph.”

“Life Coach” is the second collabo between Perez and Fang Island. Perez reflects on how the band allowed him to create his vision from the very start; something which facilitates his imaginative concepts and the shoot itself. “The members of the band [Fang Island] are visual artists as well, so they understand the process of making something that may seem a little offbeat or strange,” explains Perez. “The shoot for ‘Life Coach’ went really well! It was one of the more enjoyable and relaxing shoots.”

Although temporarily relaxed, after the shoot with Fang Island, Perez documented a three-week West Coast tour with Vampire Weekend, and managed to shoot a video for Evan Voytas; all before returning back to NYC. Happily, Perez shows no sign of slowing down!

—Annick Mayer