How Small We Are // Pollyn

Sure, it’s catchy. And striking. And makes you want to get up and dance… Still, we’re convinced Pollyn’s “How Small We Are” has to be the result of one of those latenight conversations where you reveal your innermost thoughts to your closest friends and marvel at the wonder of it all. How else to describe the philosophical theme explored by one of Los Angeles’ most stylish trios? Although we imagine experiencing the massive grid (and, thus, gridlock) of the Westside megalopolis on the daily might make us all feel a little small every now and again.

Expect big things on the horizon from Pollyn. “How Small We Are” is the first cut off their sophomore release Living in Patterns, and we’re looking forward to seeing what takes shape as they hit the road and, as they explain it, “shake things up.”

Tell us a little about the inspiration for the clip.

We wanted a video that captured the fun and uniqueness of the song. We had a few other larger, story-based concepts, but eventually we thought something that showed us performing was the easiest and best thing for us to shoot.  Once we settled on performance, then the visual stuff fell into place. Some initial inspirations were the videos for Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime,” Fu-Schnickens’ “True Fuschnick” and the White Stripes’ “Hardest Button to Button.”

Adam, what is it like to direct the video for your own song?

There isn’t as much pressure, especially since we are not on a label.  Genevieve and Anthony let me do my thing. Going in, we had the projections and the animated fonts.  I knew I wanted to play with big and small on the screen (that’s the main reason we shot with the white background). The stop motion stuff was something that came out of editing. I liked how it felt kinda old school and handcrafted. The Jody Barton [animation] came at the end.  I knew we’d need some other element and we were lucky enough to get him to contribute. The little men are dancing like David Byrne in the “Once in a Lifetime” video. It was our way of paying homage without stealing footage.

As Angelenos, how does Los Angeles influence your sound and songwriting?

LA is all we know. I was born in Santa Monica. We’ve all lived in LA our whole lives.  It’s home, so inspiration comes from music we hear or something we see.  I’ve always wanted to record an album on a boat in the middle of the sea and see how that effects our music.

So, how BIG is “How Small we Are” for Pollyn?

It marks a change in our sound, a new direction. The goal for the new album was to push ourselves to try new things, from the instruments used to the way we recorded. We wanted to shake things up.