Floating Vibes // Surfer Blood

When the Arcade recently had a chance to speak with JP Pitts, the lead singer of Surfer Blood, it became clear that he was a man of few words. Surfer Blood is currently on a 3-month-long tour, touring the US with The Drums before they hop the pond. “We’ve already done a full US tour and a full European tour this year. We liked it so much, we are just doing it again.” Pitts’ talent for sarcasm reveals itself as easily in conversation as it does in the clip for “Floating Vibes”. We went on to talk about how the boys met in Florida at a college party, how Pitts loves Europe for its stellar bread and the simplicity of its banking system, and how he would love to speak fluent French. “I like trying other languages, I don’t speak any though,” JP admits.

As for the video for “Floating Vibes”, JP explained that the band was going for “public access television gone horribly wrong.” Shot in Florida by their friend Garth, who Pitts tells us is 16 years old, the video captures Surfer Blood’s youthful veneer. “We had our friend do green screen stuff,” Pitts said, “and just had a lot of fun with that.” Upon ending our conversation, Pitts kindly thanked us for the interview. Feeling a bit confused, it took a minute of reviewing what we had talked about for the realization to hit: Surfer Blood is not a band that is going to say the things that will make them seem too cool for school. Instead Pitts was outrageously real. As for his response to what he loves best about playing in New York? Getting a chance to see his sister.

—Annick Mayer