Cuckoo // Still Corners

“I moved to London to see about a girl,” says Greg Hughes, the songwriter behind UK-based band Still Corners, “that didn’t work out, but I ended up staying here.” If moving across the ocean from Austin, TX to London in pursuit of a girl isn’t enough, the rest of Still Corners’ story plays even more like a dreamy foreign film. “I had boarded a train to go to London Bridge but for some reason it passed that stop and went way out to Kidbrooke Station,” explains Hughes.  He got off the train at the same time as a girl, who now stood on the platform. “[She] came up and asked me if I had got on the wrong train too. We started chatting and she mentioned she was going to miss choir because of it.” Hughes had been looking for a singer for Still Corners. “My ears perked up,” says Hughes, “we exchanged numbers and the rest is rock n roll.” That girl was Tessa Murray, the voice behind the haunting song, “Cuckoo.”

The cinematic encounter could not be more appropriate for a band whose music has been compared to such illustrious film composers like Ennio Morricone. Welcoming the comparison, Hughes describes, “Movies in general have always been a part of my life, I watch them nearly every day.” Hughes challenges himself to re-create the atmospheric quality of old horror movies and foreign films in his music. “Alfred Hitchcock is a good example,” Hughes points out, “eerie and atmospheric, lovely.” Referencing some other influences, Hughes sites John Carpenter. “Most people will know the Halloween theme he did,” Hughes explains, “but his soundtrack for Assault on Precinct 13 is great.” Hughes also can’t fail to show praise for Angelo Badalamenti, a frequent composer for the surrealist creations of David Lynch.

For a band that has such a strong connection to the moving picture, making a video is almost as important to their artistic process as their music. “Lucy Dyson did that video, as well as our other videos, and she’s great at capturing what the song is all about.” “Cuckoo,” deals with doubting the other person’s feelings in a relationship, and going crazy with that confusion. Hughes says proudly, “Lucy managed to perfectly get it with the blues, reds and hushed tones and the feeling of going round and round in circles in a relationship.” He divulges, “It’s easier when you have someone that understands what you’re going for.”

As fall approaches, Still Corners gets ready to embark on a new year. “We’re looking forward to our upcoming US tour,” says Hughes, “getting out there and playing shows, meeting new people and making new music!” Don’t miss Still Corners as they head to Florida, up the East Coast and over to the West!

—Annick Mayer