Collector // Here We Go Magic

“It’s been pretty intense,” Michael Bloch of Here We Go Magic admits of the past year. “I don’t even think we realized how much all of our lives were going to transform as much as they did.”

In the past 18 months, Here We Go Magic has transformed from a solo project to a five-piece band, completed a second album, toured all over Europe, and played SXSW, Coachella and Bonnaroo. Now the band is about to tour Europe again, play for crowds in Australia, return home to play the Pitchfork Music Festival and tour North America. That is until the fall, when the band will head back out to Europe to play a slew of European festivals. “We are never in New York anymore,” guitarist Bloch admits, “so nobody has another job or place to live. We are kind of just always on the road with the band, playing music all the time now. It’s pretty incredible.“

Here We Go Magic started out as the 4-track solo-project of Luke Temple, but has since evolved to include Bloch, Peter Hale, Kristina Lieberson and Jennifer Turner. When asked about the band’s transformation, Bloch replied coolly, “The recording process for Pigeons happened really naturally. It was three months of living in a house together and recording it all ourselves. All of the music was written in the house.” Stopping for a moment of reflection, Bloch continues, “we pretty naturally preserved the spontaneity of the first record.  We worked really quickly and reactively, and just took things where we felt like they should go.”

Shot by Nat Livingston Johnson, a good friend of the band, the video for “Collector” came out of a fascination with old VHS tapes. “Nat had bought this old video camera on EBAY,” explains Bloch. “More than being referential, Nat was interested in the quality of VHS, [for example] the way he could use it to catch the light in ways that new equipment does not. We had a lot of fun playing around with the idea.”

The crew hits the UK this week. Catch them on tour throughout Europe, Australia and the US through September.

—Annick Mayer