It should come as no surprise that Nomia designer Yara Flinn started out as a sculptor and video artist—just take a peek at her artful, sharp tailoring and her penchant for unexpected draping and cut-outs. Flinn let the Arcade sit in on a day of work at her Williamsburg studio recently, where we marveled at her technique as the conversation meandered around aspiration, influence and style. As one of five designers hand-picked by W Hotels Global Fashion Director Jenne Lombardo to participate in Fashion Next, Flinn described how “the program helps designers achieve a higher level of production value.” It certainly felt that we were on higher ground as we watched her looks march down the runway at The Box at Lincoln Center just days later. In the sophisticated, self-assured hands of the 29-year-old designer, these are utterly modern clothes—luminous, distinctive and totally next.

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Color us obsessed with the dreamy soundtrack you hear, care of Canadian electro duo SolarSolar.

—Angela Cravens