The name is French for “rock-paper-scissors,” though we’d venture the secret to Rochambeau’s success has more to do with self-determination than simple luck. As longtime friends, designers Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper started out in printing—an industry where Cooper’s family has roots—before expanding operations to one of their shared passions: menswear. Today, they are garnering a passionate fan base (remember Interview Magazine’s “Jack and Jill” editorial featuring Natasha Vojinovic, exclusively clad in Rochambeau?) while racking up some seriously honorable mentions. They are currently finalists for the prestigious Ecco Domani award, and members of W Hotels’ Fashion Next program, alongside designers Suzanne Rae and Nomia. Just days before their debut at The Box at Lincoln Center, the guys walked us through the inspiration for their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Inspired by pagan mythology, the collection reveals the darker side of the holidays while lending a new silhouette for the modern man. With all the excitement currently surrounding them, Rochambeau insist they’re just getting started. As Chandler explains, it’s all about “keeping the presses running and making cool clothing.”

A self-described “pet project projected to sound as good as pet sounds,” Dnonkong is a haunting new project by Echo Park artist Duncan Thum. We’re hoping to hear a lot more of these pet sounds.

—Angela Cravens