Top That! // Rachel Antonoff

We love the spirit of play that designer Rachel Antonoff infuses into her collections. The NYC designer teamed with bestie Alia Shawkatt (a.k.a. Maeby Fünke of Arrested Development) and director Ryan Rickett to have a little fun with her spring collection at the expense of a certain 80s flick.

“Like most girls around my age, I have always loved Teen Witch,” she says. “I have so many memories of watching it as a kid. It’s so campy and awesome, and in some cases downright embarrassing, but in the best way. The Top That scene always stuck out in my mind as the ultimate moment in that movie. Alia and I were watching it a few years ago and realized that the Polly character looked like a bizarre amalgam of the two of us, so we nicknamed her Ralia.”

Director Ryan Rickett describes the project as such a blast, they’re already talking about the next. “I’m really looking forward to that,” he says, “we had so much fun making the first one.” We can only imagine what she’s cooking up, having orchestrated a murder mystery game as her Fall ’10 presentation, complete with models playing investigators. Nancy Drew, you better top that!