The Look // KYE // Spring 2015

Inspired by the “pro-life cycle” of bees, Kathleen Kye agreed to share some of the secrets behind one of our favorite collections this year.  Take a look behind-the-scenes of KYE’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Please tell us the theme of this particular collection.  Did you think of the theme during the design process? Did it reveal itself in surprising ways?

The theme of this particular collection is “Unity and Connection”. Bees produce a system that is conducive to creating a pro-life cycle in their society. KYE presents such images in its SS15 collection in an extension of the concept of unity and connection in our human life. This was a big part of my thought process while  designing the SS15 collection.

What does this particular collection mean to you as the designer?

Connection is always something that I think of first when I begin the design process. Every season, I try to think of something that connects to me and my design.

Are there any interesting details, sourcing, materials or other secrets of the studio we might share? Perhaps one look in particular you would like to highlight?

Laser-cut chains and web patterns, faux leather bonding, opposite toned sequin embroidery and caviar prints with tiny beads on various style all provide high-tech rendering requisite to KYE’s fashion creativity.

What can we expect from the brand this year?  Any interesting projects?

Various collaborations with different artists. I can’t announce just yet, but stay tuned. The surprise is coming.

Where can we buy the collection?

We are selling to more than 80 stores around the world.  Stores like Opening ceremony, IT, Browns UK, Oak and more.