The Look // Slate & Stone // F/W ‘13 Collection

Slate and Stone’s Jeffrey Jacobs has got New York on his mind, woven into his design. The NYC-based designer’s Fall 2013 collection demonstrates Jeffrey’s commitment, and his uncompromising vision to design impeccable clothes for the impeccably dressed man. Here, Mr. Jacobs shares a few more secrets behind his latest collection.

Please tell us the theme of the collection. How did you think of the theme during the design process?

My Fall Collection,  is a reinvention of the classics. It is a modern take on iconic silhouettes, executed in unexpected fabrications creating a rugged yet luxurious aesthetic. So while I was designing the line, I thought wow the collection fits both rebels and a gentleman because of the classic, hence the theme “A Rebel and a Gentleman.” This actually ended up as the name of the Fall/Winter Collection

What does this particular collection mean to you as the designer?

This collection being my first was an amazing process and experience for me. With Fall I really got to capture and set the tone for the brand.. For instance, my favorite piece of this collection is a classic pea coat done in knitted camouflage. It is a rugged attitude taken down an unbeaten path, in luxurious style. “A Rebel and Gentleman” really has a place in my heart because I was able to design a wardrobe of pieces that effortlessly mix together to express the personality of the wearer and the Slate and Stone guy. Independent, fearless, adventurous, self-confident – A Rebel and a Gentleman

Are there any interesting details, sourcing, materials or other secrets of the studio you might share?

My favoirite part of design is sourcing and paying close attention to every detail that goes into making a garment. I stand by my 3 step design process “Visualize, conceptualize and manipulate”. My process is mainly driven by the third step manipulate. I just love to touch, play and feel with fabrics. This is where my inspiration lies and is my springboard for design. A few pieces I would like to highlight

1.    KNITTED VARSITY JACKET , called “ Lenox”

Alpaca lambswool classic varsity jacket done in knit. Leather trim pockets

2.    CPO JACKET called “Essex”

The 60s seen everywhere shirt jacket in French terry, cashmere blends, Aztec fleece lining, in solids, plaids, etc.

3.    PUFFER VEST , called “Mullberry”

Shirttail style puffer vest with menswear fabrications (herringbone, tweed) inset yoke

What other type of art has inspired you recently? Any details you can share about how it found its way into your work

Growing up in NYC I was always intrigued by Andy Warhol and the whole 1980’s pop art movement. With Pop Culture being so prevalent in day to day life now from Street Art, Social Media, Mass Media and Technology I pull some of my design influences from all these facets of our lives and especially my surrounding environment being based in New York City, one of the most fashion forward cities in the world. As for these finding their way into my work it is a very organic process, it would be impossible not to be inspired on a daily basis living in this city and being a part of this culture.

We are sharing your FW13 lookbook, and 2013 is in full swing—what are you excited most about for this year?

I am especially excited about the fashion world being so progressive and malleable that working on the design side, with all the textiles, fabrics, and fits are so free form and personable that nothing is off limits. There is no longer “fashion faux pas”, if you are passionate about what you create and the process of how you create it, then you are left with the ability to simplify and refine your creations to make them desired and accessible to any demographic.