The Look // Sir New York // F/W ‘13 Collection

Auston Bjorkman of Sir New York takes Arcade44 behind the inspiration and the vision for the Fall/Winter 2013 collection.  ”A tribute to the death of winter”, Sir New York gives us new hope for a cold winter.

Please tell us the theme of the collection.

The theme for the collection is dying glaciers and a tribute to the death of winter.

How did you think of the theme during the design process?

I was watching a documentary about global warming. The rate and impact of the melting glaciers will seriously effect us in unpredictable ways. In our dress, for one, fashion design is a comment on our society at any given moment whether we are conscious of it or not and can impact people’s lives without them knowing. Much like the dying glaciers.
But what also struck me, because I am a very visual person, is the graphic beauty and the destructive nature of nature. This the springboard for the graphic sublimation prints that Ross Schaner and I collaborated on for this season.

Did it reveal itself in surprising ways?

Yeah working with Ross always brings both of our work to the next level. We each interpret things in really unique ways that complement each other perfectly.   It’s a very symbiotic relationship and his flow just captured the entire spirit of what we are trying to say without making it a blatant activist sort of on your face statement. It’s all about subtlety but with sick ass graphics and progressive techniques.  I like to call it detailed minimalism because when you start to unpack it there is a lot more than first meets the eye.

What does this particular collection mean to you as the designer?

This is like my sophomore album.

It’s a strong follow up to Ss13 which just dropped. It’s on brand, my eye and hand are evident yet its completely different to the last collection. Every season I try new and innovative printing methods and sillouhettes while keeping the SIR vibe strong while pushing the envelop.  So to me this collection really showcases our potential while concretely putting it out that we are in it to dominate right from the start!