The Look // Nemis

Nemis is now in it’s third year.  Specializing in men’s streetwear, their current collection – Monochrome 14 – plays with geometric shapes and clean-cut silhouettes.  I was lucky enough to spend some time with designer Simen Platou to talk about the look and inspiration behind the brand.

Please tell us the theme of this particular collection.

The whole idea behind Monochrome 14 was to create a collection of strong individual pieces.  Instead of putting together certain looks/outfits, we set about creating a collection where every single piece would work perfectly with any of the other pieces. We want the individual to express his own look, creatively putting it all together, and leave the door open for endless possibilities. To pull this off, we decided on a monochrome palette of black, grey and white. The pieces range from high contrast (black-white) to lower contrasts (grey-white) to all-black.
In the end, it’s all about balance. The yin and the yang.

What does this particular collection mean to you as the designer?

This particular collection means a lot to me as a designer, since it ended up being a very timeless collection. The pieces are super solid, and I can see people wearing them for years. We decided to focus on great shapes and high quality, which are things that never go out of style. It’s important to me that people will enjoy their gear for a long time, and I can definitely see people rocking many of these pieces for a year.

Are there any interesting details, sourcing, materials or other secrets of the studio we might share? Perhaps one look in particular you would like to highlight?
I’m really happy with the tapered black pants. I’m a sneakerhead, and I love having a pair of pants that give off a great silhouette at the same time as I get to show off my sneakers. Team these pants up with the Octa Logo tee for some added detail, and wear it with the Black Logo Bomber Jacket.  (Complete look above)

What other type of art (a play perhaps, or an album, or a gallery show…) has inspired you recently? Any details you can share about how it found its way into your work?

I’m a very active photographer, and photography has always had a huge impact on my work.  My biggest inspiration comes from the work through PASAR ( Through PASAR, I work with some really amazing designers who are always ready to push boundaries. Every day I get to see their work first-hand – it’s a constant stream of inspiration. It’s like being on a sports team, where you look up to the most experienced guys. You see how they do things, you try to apply that to your own game, and it ends up becoming an improved version of your own expression.

What can we expect from the brand this year?  Any interesting projects?

Instead of just focusing on collections, we’re working on some sick single items that will come out throughout the year, making sure our followers always have something fresh to wear. The goal is to keep building on the notion that all Nemis items go well together, and let people add to their repertoire with single pieces throughout the year. We’re working on some interesting photo projects as well, so expect to get some strong visuals in the coming months.

Where can we buy the collection?

The whole collection is available at PASAR ( There you can also cop some sick pieces from the other labels in the PASAR family as well. The whole collection is also available in our own