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Yasir Bawazier is a man of the world, and his power is in combining seemingly disparate worlds in unexpectedly fruitful ways.  Yasir was Born and raised in Indonesia, and his education carried him from Amsterdam to India, from Paris to Mexico.  He saw style everywhere he went, and has now worked in fashion at various brands for more than a decade.  I had the pleasure of meeting Yasir in Paris, where he studied fashion before moving to Bali.  In just a few short years, a label that he started as a small t-shirt brand has grown into a menswear collection rich in color, textures, and playfullness.  Finding inspiration in pop culture, Yasir Bawazier has created a look and line that speaks to his being a world citizen.  Mr. Bawazier was kind enough to give us a look behind the curtain and share a few secrets behind his new collection

I know the brand as a whole is fairly new, can share some of the story behind what brought this brand to where it is now?  How did the Bleach Project come to be?

I always wanted to have a Menswear label that has that street culture. I worked as womenswear designer ( for a very long time and I just want to create something that I can relate to.  Also I think it’s the time for mens/ streetwear to shine. When I got back from Paris last year, I started with small t-shirt collection, and it just developed into a full collection sometime late last year. And the response, especially through social media, was so positive that I decided to continue with another season. I am now busy with the new collection, which it think the most extensive and fun. I have the liberty to create more of showpieces and using interesting techniques and fabrication.

Please tell us the theme of this particular collection. How did you think of the theme during the design process? Did it reveal itself in surprising ways?

I never work with a theme, I design few pieces and the print at the beginning and let it develop in an organic way. Every day or every other day I would come up with new pieces, and just tweak it, adding details and do the fillings at the end. I work extensively with fabrication and prints. In Bali, we only have fabric availability to a certain extent; it is a holiday tropical island. So I just have to be creative with whatever we have and make the best out of it. Everything is done by hand.  I am lucky to have amazing team of patternmakers, sewers, and leather artisans, to help visualize my ideas.

But also the internet and social media (blogs,  instagram, tumblr, pinterest, etc) play an important role in source of inspirations for the creative process. The whole world exists in your laptop and mobile phone. And also, I am lucky enough to have travelled to and lived in many countries, so I used that international and cultural diversity in one collection. If you pay close attention, the collection is influenced by the cities I’ve lived in: Paris, London, Amsterdam, and also the places I wanted to live like New York and Rio.

What does this particular collection mean to you as the designer?

As a designer, we are never a complete person, with each collection we grow, we become the better version of our past self. I am always surprised at the end to find out that I managed to pull it off and the positive response through friends and social media help to find the confident to push myself further more.

What other type of art (a play perhaps, or an album, or a gallery show) has inspired you recently? Any details you can share about how it found its way into your work?

Like I said social media plays an important role, I mean I woke with going through my instagram feed and tumblr feed. And of course movies!  I am big movie fan. From old to new, I have so many favorites that I draw the inspirations from. From Audrey Hepburn’s “Holiday in Rome,” to Molly Ringwald’s “Sixteen Candles,” and Demi Moore’s “Indecent Proposal,” to all of Wes Anderson’s movies, especially “Life Aquatic.”

In paris you have the Musée des Arts Decoratifs with constant exhibitions on fashion. And in London you have Victoria and Albert Museum with its fashion wing, it’s amazing to go through.

And as for music, I am crazy with Blood Orange’s new album, I put them on rewind on my iTunes.

What can we expect from the Bleach Project this year?  Any interesting projects?

We are busy with our 3rd collection, hopefully we can launch it by next month. It’s super fun, I seriously let go all my inhibitions with what sells and what doesn’t and just made something that looks good. It is still sportswear inspired but more of 80’s break dance movement. I am trying to stay away from all the serious high fashion culture and be more a street brand that everyone can relate to: it’s childhood, the music we listened to, the toys we played with, the fairground, MTV before it was infested with reality shows!

Where can we buy the collection?

Main online stockist is

Our own online shop is coming up soon. And we also have stockist in Hong Kong, Australia and China.  Logon, check it out!

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