The Look // Antonio Azzuolo // Spring 2015

Mr. Azzuolo remains one of our favorite menswear designers, but his S/S 2015 collection marks an exciting new realm for the NYC-by-way-of-Montreal designer. “This one more specifically identifies me more and of course the women’s collection completes this quest for an aesthetic I had in mind for both men’s and women’s,” explains Antonio. We nabbed a moment with the designer to hear some of the secrets behind the new collection that blends a next-millennium approach to color with a bit of sportsman’s swag.

Please tell us the theme of this particular collection.  Did you think of the theme during the design process? Did it reveal itself in surprising ways?

For this collection it came during the eclectic selection of fabrics and a general direction I had in mind of a Guy and Girl….and continues right up to the styling process one week before the show…..yes some key directions and images in my mind of an archetype at the beginning but continues to evolve slighty.

What does this particular collection mean to you as the designer?

I feel like with every collection I get closer and closer to where I want to be in terms of aesthetics and mood but this one more specifically identifies me more and of course the women’s collection completes this quest for an aesthetic I had in mind for both men’s and women’s….that work together.

Are there any interesting details, sourcing, materials or other secrets of the studio we might share? Perhaps one look in particular you would like to highlight?

Hand woven fabrics from France….compliment the artisan carftamanship…it’s all about artisans working with their hands on product….the shirts and sweaters…hand made in italy…everything else in New York……..look #2, #18 and #22 are some of my favorite looks

What other type of art (a play perhaps, or an album, or a gallery show…) has inspired you recently? Any details you can share about how it found its way into your work?

Maybe two key points:

1- Initially it was meeting Shawn White and our conversations on creating luxury ski jackets for snow boarding….(I asked  him to accompany me to the CFDA awards)….These conversations  got me on a skateboarding direction (slope and street ..NY York version)..which I have always had….Some of my  biggest inspiration  in fashion comes from the slopes …I still ski but the younger generation lof course snow board and the way they dress is awesome.

2-Agnes Vardas…A recent body of work that documents her travels to cities and countries visit artists and documenting them….Called From Here to There…. Love her poetic approach to the story telling.

What can we expect from the brand this year?  Any interesting projects?

Yes something new on the Horizon which will hopefully take me from “Here to There”

Where can we buy the collection?

In Korea….Hanstyle and Je Ne Sais Quio.…having not shown for two seasons and showing so late (during NY fashion week) is making US sales challenging. Doing a special event with Suite 1521..really excited about this..maybe structure this question to only talk about that.