The Look // Antonio Azzuolo // Fall 2014 Collection

Mr. Azzuolo has long been one of our favorite menswear designers, but his F/W 2014 collection marks an exciting new realm for the NYC-by-way-of-Montreal designer. This season it is “Lower east Side meets Savil row,” explains Antonio.  All the reasons we love Azzuolo remain: bright colors and sportsman swag. Antonio’s love affair with womenswear continues and it is stunning! We spent time with the designer to hear some of the secrets behind the new collection. See why he’s only getting better as the years pass.

Please tell us the theme of the collection?

Not sure…

I call it Lower east Side meets Savil row but I think there is a strong Layering and Skate Street feeling but in a Couture Fashion.

How did you think of the theme during the design process?

The Theme and look just evolved as the design process evolved.

Did it reveal itself in surprising ways?

Yes always, it is never really completely pre-deteremined.  The items yes – separately but not the look as a whole.

What does this particular collection mean to you as the designer?

I only get better with age…I hope!  I think I really enjoyed this evolution from Men’s to Women’s

Are there any interesting details, sourcing, materials or other secrets of the studio we might share? Perhaps one look in particular you would like to highlight?

The sartorial process and details we use to mark and build our signature; hand tailored jackets are echoed for the more unstructured and casual street items.  Its the same same vocabulary, but the detailing is meant to be viewed up close.

What other type of art (a play perhaps, or an album, or a gallery show…) has inspired you recently? Any details you can share about how it found its way into your work?

Yes a dance performance this past June, a dancer called Sefa Erdik.  I would love to do a video with inspiring!

St Mark’s Church?  CULTURE: Patricia Noworol Dance Theatre, NYC……….RENEGADE GERMANY…

What are you excited about for the new year?

A few things.  First, continuing Women’s wear and creating more of a balance with men’s.  And finding a business partner to help take this to the next level.

- Fataah Dihaan