The Jewelers Series // Best Friends Brooklyn

There’s something fantastic about witnessing the secret language shared by best friends. When that world of inside jokes and kept secrets reveals itself in the form of an edgy and yet earthy new jewelry line—as it does in the Brooklyn studio of BFFs Charlotte Greville and Danielle Mayer—expect the sparks and sawdust to really fly.

Greville and Mayer of Best Friends Brooklyn go way back to freshman year, when they met in cheerleading practice, no less. Today, the stylish duo is devoted to their burgeoning line, now available at Cynthia Rowley stores. The heart of BFB’s latest collection is realized in wooden statement jewelry—bold cuts of marble ebony and burl wood—juxtaposed with chains of vintage glass beads. An incredible amount of love goes into each piece, from the hand-rendered baubles, to the bit of wood polish Greville tucks into mail orders, for longevity. Like a true friendship, these pieces are built to last.

BFB has a little treat for our Arcade Players. Use the promo code ARCADE44 to receive 30% off when you shop the collection.

A big thank you to Brooklyn band Small Black for supplying the dope tracks. Check them out and download the Moon Killer mixtape.