Brian Wood // Panty Raiders

We couldn’t love this style video more. This right here, is the perfect image of what makes late summer simply the best. So this week we tracked down Brian Wood, the designer extraordinaire behind the video, to talk about everything from underwear preferences to NYC vs. LA. In the ring for thongs and LA weather, we bring you B Wood.

Tell us a little about the sunshine-y shoot for “Panty Raiders USA.” What was the energy like on set? How did the concept come to life?

The idea of shooting on the yacht was really spontaneous. The director clyde j ramos shot the first panty raider video, showed interest in wanting to shoot a panty raider USA film back in March. I remember being in the gym maybe 8am, late May working out. I called Clyde and just came up with an idea to shoot panty raiders USA on a yacht sailing. He was totally down with the idea. How much more american can you get sailing the high seas on a yacht with your favorite Panty Raiders! I linked up with DEF media for the editing, direction + post production of the video. It was great energy! Food, drinks, beautiful weather + beautiful people! The first panty raider video was about mystery, seduction, it was sexual and a little dark. I really wanted panty raiders USA to show a lighter side, more of a celebration, friends just enjoying each others company. I wanted to keep the sexual aspect as a secondary thought + make this more about the environment, setting, and the interaction of the individuals involved.

Tell us about the friends who appear in the video.

The cast for the video are friends but they are also people I respect + admire. They embody the panty raider rebellious live life in the moment attitude. Living life with passion and with the purpose to inspire others! Everyone involved also truly loves the clothing and I really appreciate that. The cast features long time close friend artist/musician Anthony Cruz one of the original panty raiders supporters dating back to 2006! Anthony currently has videos getting rotation on Mtv + VH1. Really dope stuff. Also starring is my man Telli of Ninjasonik who I dubbed “the raging panty raider” I love Telli’s energy he has been a huge advocate + panty raider ambassador in letting the world in on the movement. Actress Subryiah Mckenzie + Teresa Ramos who is Clyde’s sister. She was hesitant to be in the video but we knew she would do an amazing job. Last but not least Promise Smith! A dear friend, muse, cultural curator and constant inspiration. I really contribute a huge part of the panty raiders viral success to Promise. Promise was the reason for the panty raider varsity jacket to be featured on herself in Rita Ora’s “how we do video”! Promise starred in the first video, and we recently collaborated on 2 t-shirts with Ashley Skywalker for my spring/summer 12 collection “african warlord” 2.

This is a Manhattan-lovely clip, after your LA pop-up shop launch earlier this year. Tell us about what you find inspiring on both coasts. How does your style shift when you are in LA, versus NYC?

I love New York its a grind, a constant hustle! Inspiration around every corner + in every conversation. Its home-base the place of 8 million stories but it does get physically + mentally tiring. Sometimes you take it for granted, but once you leave it draws you back wanting more. Out West is way more relaxed. L.A. is beauitiful. I love how can you can be in such different terrains in a matter of minutes. With weather like that its impossible to wake up in a bad mood. When I first took a trip out there I was amazed of how blue the sky is. I am in the process of a pilgramage out west spreading the brian wood/b wood movement.

We love the USA theme of the clip. Were you inspired by the Olympics..? Heading to the polls in the fall..? Perhaps just digging the good old US of A?

Def not the olympics. Lol. The concept for Panty Raiders USA first came about in late January. What seperates panty raiders from panty raiders usa is the design. It is “the original” panty raider graphic, printed on an american flag bandanna, which is than hand bleached, sometimes hand dyed hence the USA. Each bandana is a one of a kind design and extremely labor intensive but its well worth it! It celebrates the new wave of the USA.

What can we expect coming up next from Brian Wood Collection?

For B Wood a Miami Pop up Shop in south beach is slated this October and there is a slew of new product releases (panty raiders usa “new york yankee” color-way snap-backs, headbangers fall collection release, batwing devious……..and of course a panty raiders USA holiday drop. I also recently re launched my mainline sportswear collection Brian Wood for fall/winter 12, and am currently wrapping up spring/summer 13 “awakened beauty”

Tell us the truth: Thong or old-skool-cute-regular drawers?

Umm..Thongs of course

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