No Ordinary Love // Asher Levine

Some of us are just born with an unshakable sense of self. Take 22-year-old Asher Levine, for instance. The New York-based designer has an experimental yet organic approach to fashion, tackling each piece as if it were its own work of art. In his midtown studio, Levine crafts one-of-a-kind looks for fellow artists Lady Gaga, Sam Sparro, and Dangerous Muse, continuously pushing himself and his team to dream themselves further and further out of bounds.

Levine invited the Arcade to ride right along with him during the moments leading up to his Spring 11 collection. Those hyper, hectic weeks included a trip upstate to shoot an original short film for his presentation, a live fashion installation crafted in-studio in front of an audience, and many quiet moments in the studio, absorbed in the work of making the visions in his head become real.

We knew we were witness to something special the day we trailed Levine to his local bodega and he flipped open the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. There, in a Terry Richardson portrait, was the divine Ms. Gaga looking furiously cool in Levine’s oversized motorcycle jacket. So striking, so totally New York… After all, in Levine’s world, it’s all about the individual. He brings it out in the rest of us simply by being himself.