The Look // Jack Henry New York // F/W ‘13 Collection

I think we’ve found our fall wardrobe.

Lauren Giambalvo, is the founder/designer for Jack Henry New York. A self-professed tom boy, Giambalvo is in her element designing both women’s and menswear. Drawing upon her personal style as a source of inspiration, the collection provides unique insight into the psyche of this emerging talent.  Lauren sat down with the Arcade to share the secrets behind her Fall/Winter collection.

Please tell us a little bit about the theme of the collection

I’ll find a really cool print or a great texture and I’ll go from there.  This season it started with the mountain print and the quilted suede pieces.  It ended up taking on this kind of skinhead/school boy vibe.  I think it’s a little bit out of practicality (men’s season starts earlier), and the fact that I’m a bit of a tom boy, but I always start with the men’s, and women’s follows suit.  One of the best parts about working for yourself is having free reign over the design process, so the “theme” of the collection always ends up being a surprise in the end.  It’s taking a step back, looking at everything together and seeing the big picture for the first time.  It’s always right before we do look books, and it’s a good “a-ha” moment!

What does this particular collection mean to you as the designer?

This season is particularly significant to me because it really represents my own personal style.  Usually I find that it all ends up being something that’s more aspirational to me (what would I wear if I were going to this place, if I were this person, etc.), and this time it was full of pieces that I would wear right now, men’s or women’s.

Tell us a little about the sourcing, the materials – any secrets of the studio?

Everything in the collection is always made in New York, which can present it’s challenges.  Sometimes you’ll get an idea, and you don’t have time to sort it out, so you just do it yourself.  We hand beaded the collars on the orange pieces, so that’s something that I’ll have to figure out an alternative to for production.  At the time it seemed like the quickest way to get it done.  Likewise, the suede bomber and the anorak ended up having to be hand quilted. Turns out it’s not so easy to find someone who will quilt suede!  I think the look I’m most proud of is the quilted suede bomber and the black gown.  The gown was one of the samples that I made.  I’m never sure if I just save the best pieces for myself or if I just get attached since I’ve spent so much time with them…or the brown suede biker, because it’s badass.

What other type of art has inspired you recently?

I’m really into music, everything from old school punk to z100 kind of stuff.  The music that I’m listening to at the time definitely plays a part in what I design (I’ve had the Cranberries and No Doubt on repeat lately).  I also find the world around me pretty inspiring – family and friends, random people I see on the street.  I’m not shy about asking someone if I can take a picture of them, or making you stop and wait for me while I get a picture of a random tile on the side of the building.  It all gets lost in my iphoto though.  I never make any inspiration boards or anything.  I guess it just gets cataloged in my head somewhere.

We are sharing your f/w ‘13 lookbook, and 2013 is in full swing – what are you excited most about for this year?

I’m really excited to get the online store up. It’s in the process right now and we’ll have Spring ‘13 up soon!  I feel like this is going to be a good year!