European Series 2010 // Tatty Devine

Visiting the Tatty Devine boutique on London’s Brick Lane is a bit like stepping into a wonderland. Everywhere you turn, the eye is met with brilliant acrylic jewelry pieces in a dizzying array of candy colors, and it’s impossible to not be swept up by the infectious energy of the girls. Tatty Devine was started in 2001 when Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine were still art school students. Since then, they’ve created a modern iconography out of their playful pieces, and crafted one-offs for everyone from Tate Modern to Belle and Sebastian. “We’re really lucky that we can maintain that sense of curiosity and play,” said Vine, and it’s just that sense of daring that makes Tatty Devine torch-bearers for British style, with all its guts and glory.