Best Dressed // Trovata + Sophomore

At its best, style is something that is lived. Beyond clothes and connotations, style takes on the essence of the wearer, with every faded t-shirt and well-loved hand-me-down. We recently caught up with two designers who share an inherent understanding of style as it is lived, when John Whitledge of Trovata and Chrissie Miller and Madeline von Froomer of Sophomore attended the New York (capsule) Women’s Trade Show.

Dreamed up in a Southern California dorm room (Trovata) and the streets of downtown NYC (Sophomore), both lines are committed to designing clothes for the way women truly live. Whether it’s Whitledge’s California-casual approach to elegantly constructed clothes, or Miller and von Froomer’s cool-girl take on basics, both explain that they create clothes that they hope the wearer will reach for again and again. As Whitledge says with a smile, “To create a design that really resonates with someone, it’s something that they’ll want to wear every day.” Seconds von Froomer, “You don’t want to walk down the street every day feeling like you’re on a runway!”