The Look // Asher Levine // Spring 2015

It’s no secret, Asher Levine has long been one of our favorite menswear designers.  His work has been a constant reminder that great things are made when we commit ourselves to innovate and create – to forge new ground.  We nabbed a moment with Asher to hear some of the secrets behind his latest collection.  Inspired by “biology and science, marine sciences to insects”, the new work highlights beautiful new silhouettes, new materials and fabrics.

Please tell us the theme of this particular collection.  Did you think of the theme during the design process? Did it reveal itself in surprising ways?

This season I focused on giving the casual guy a sporty, organic edge, extending his silhouette, adding detail along the shoulder blades, adding frayed, raw seams. Military meets moto and bondage. I think it makes the guy shape very sexy.

Each piece is hand-dyed and distressed, some of the pieces remind me of moss, others like soil. The collection is very earthy, terrestrial.

For accessories we have the grenade bag with phone halo trackr technology that uses Bluetooth to locate your bag just in case you cant find it. We also made the muscle duffle bag.

What does this particular collection mean to you as the designer?

There is an inherent military focus on this collection… but I wanted to subvert the notion of military… and really violence as a whole, especially with the recent horrific conflicts we are witnessing overseas and even right here in our country…and our neighborhood.

There are people who feel they have the answers, their way is the right way and everyone else has it wrong. This is what leads to hate and discrimination. I think instead of providing answers, we need to collectively ask more questions about this world we live in, be curious about the universe.

It’s important for all of us to recognize this and realize we are all here together. Let’s be friendly with each other and hopefully a positive act that comes from you can influences others to do the same.

Are there any interesting details, sourcing, materials or other secrets of the studio we might share? Perhaps one look in particular you would like to highlight?

Technology and Fashion’s intersection is the new frontier in augmenting the human experience – from how we communicate with each other to interacting with our environment. This includes everything from 3D printing, augmented reality, bio and nano-materials, to device interconnectivity. Right now we are in the discovery phase with fashion technology, where can it take us? How can it better our lives? And the key is to make it chic and seamless.

What other type of art (a play perhaps, or an album, or a gallery show…) has inspired you recently? Any details you can share about how it found its way into your work?

I’ve always been inspired by biology and science, marine sciences to insects, very animal… I’m fascinated by our universe and the endless textures and shapes it provides, and I challenge myself by interlacing these influences with the male silhouette, merging it with classic mens styles and cuts to create a shape that is new, modern, sexy.

The collection had this remarkable, very public engagement with Times Square during NY fashion week in September.  What did it mean to you to share the work in that way?  Is it something you would do again?

As this was a politically driven show, showcasing it in a public venue was paramount. When Susanne Bartsche asked me if I wanted to be a part of her first ‘Art-a-Porter’ I immediately said yes. The models walked amongst the public, there were no boundaries. That is the future of everything.

What can we expect from the brand this year?  Any interesting projects?

We are focusing on our b2b service for immersive marketing installations and productions that require innovative design and fabrication. Only a few companies in the world offer the unique custom service we provide our clients, with extremely fast turnaround times and impeccable focus on craftsmanship.

As for the brand, we are continuing the collection, working on styles to sell online and to retailers, as well as creating more ways to integrate technology into fashion.