Asher Levine IS // Asher Levine

We first met Asher Levine in the summer of 2010.   We spent weeks with the New York-based designer as he prepped to debut his Spring 2011 collection. That hyper, hectic time included a journey upstate to shoot an original film for his presentation, a live fashion installation crafted in-studio in front of an audience.  Our favorite moments were the quiet hours in the studio where Asher became completely absorbed in the work of translating the visions in his head into real life creations.

This time around we decided to join him on the night of his F/W ‘14 presentation in downtown Manhattan.  After three years, Asher is still pushing the limits and challenging himself, and his team, to dream a little bigger.  Asher brings an architectural component to his clothes, as he continues to meld natural textures with a futuristic aesthetic.  The one thing we can always predict is that the product – the clothes themselves – always keeping us on our toes and in awe.

But enough words; see his design, his aesthetic, his vision, his future, his clothes for yourself…