Stones Throw Podcast // Mike D + PB Wolf

Play Stones Throw Podcast // Mike D + PB Wolf

As the “Who’d you rather—Ad-Rock, Mike D or MCA?” debate rages on for its going-on-third decade, Mr. Diamond inches into the lead with his new Stones Throw Mixtape. (Forgive us, Ad-Rock, our forever-hubs. –Ed.) Dope beats? Check. Quirky-cute album art? Check. Genius arts connection? The project was dreamed up to celebrate the opening of Mike D’s Transmission LA: AV Club at the downtown Los Angeles MOCA Geffen Contemporary, a 17-day multi-disciplinary festival featuring contemporary art, music and film.

As a newly minted member of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, D’s latest mix proves the Beasties have still got their finger on the trigger of The New Style. Sigh, consider us smitten. Have a listen yourselves and download for free!

LA Players, check out Stones Throw DJs at Transmission LA:AV Club on Saturday, April 21st.