Soul on Wax // DJ McBoing Boing

Play Soul on Wax // DJ McBoing Boing

Vinyl lovers, we have something to make your hearts beat a little faster today, care of DJ Robbie Busch, aka McBoing Boing. This blend of soul was exclusively crafted with original vintage vinyl by the international man of music. You may recognize Mr. Busch as the Editor at Large of Wax Poetics, or perhaps via his production credits and remixing gigs for Bonde do Rolê, Phenomenal Handclap Band and Discovery. No matter the guise, he knows how to get a dance floor grooving, and this eclectic mix will do the trick. As Busch’s DJ compadre Love On The Run describes it, the mix ranges “from obscure 7″s recorded in Detroit during the 60s, to even more obscure cover songs from Barbados in the 70s.” NYC Players, catch the duo’s new party Tropical Heat Wave, “incorporating oddball soul and boogie vinyl discoveries from Jamaica, The West Indies, Colombia, Africa and beyond…”

In today’s über-digital music landscape, tell me about the inspiration behind the all-vinyl playlist.

I am a fan of music, whether it is digital or analog.  This mix is made up of all vinyl selections for the primary reason that the tracks, which for the most part are all from 45s, are not available digitally.  Plus, I’ve spent over 20 years digging for obscure records. There are so many quality songs that for one reason or another got lost through time and I love to share my discoveries with people who may not get to hear them otherwise.

What are your favorite record shops in the world?

My favorite record shops are: Other Music, Academy Records and Good Records in NYC and Superfly Records in Paris.

What was the first vinyl record you remember buying?

The first record I remember buying was The Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” 12” (although I remember having a copy of The Jackson 5’s “ABC” 45, but I think I won that in a game of marbles…).

Are there any new movements or parties that you are excited about for 2012?

I’m excited to be working with my DJ pal Love On The Run on our party/movement Tropical Heat Wave, where we will be sharing our love of Caribbean disco, funk and soul.  We’ve both been collecting tropical records for many years and have always sprinkled them into our sets, but we think the world is ready to get down with the Island sounds that we dig so much!

—Angela Cravens