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For a man who has made his career on some of the hottest dance floors across the globe, fans might be surprised that DJ and producer King Britt roots the secret to his success in the comforting fold of family. “I give all credit to my parents for my start of my career. They surrounded me constantly with music and sound,” he explains. Though he’s crafted a remarkable career since rocking the crowd at packed Silk City parties in his native Philly during the early 90s, music is still the movement. Here, the King shares some of the secrets to his inimitable blend of modesty and cool. The goal for his Arcade podcast, as he explains it, is to “seduce the senses.” Arcaders, plug in and turn it up!

What is your inspiration for the A44 podcast?

Textures. I love good house and techno with textures that seduce the senses. I always try to include this attribute in all my mixes and productions.

How does music fuel your everyday?

Music is all I do. If I’m not producing in the studio, I’m either in stores and online buying music and instruments or out DJing or performing. I am very blessed to survive in today’s climate making music. I thank everyone who supports all that I do.

What’s got you excited about music right now?

I’m really listening to more experimental music and sound designers than anything. Artists like Alva Noto, Tim Hecker and Pixel. Then more cutting-edge people like Low Leaf (LA), Nicolas Jarrand Shabazz Palaces (who are family). They are pushing sound and traditional song structures.

We’re just tip-toeing into 2012… What do you think will be the big music movement to define the year?

I stopped paying attention to all that crap. Music is so splintered now into so many categories. I just like everything. Movements are good to keep the music healthy but it also unfortunately separates and can become elitist.


  1. To The Sea (King Britt’s Je Ne Sais Quoi Mix) – Sam Roberts
  2. Live Your Life (King Britt’s Love & Light Remix)- Yuna
  3. Take It Out (Sean Thomas Drumsong Remix)- Saturn Never Sleeps
  4. City Life feat Maya Jane Cole – DJ T
  5. La Plaisir feat Luni (Original mix)- Mikael Stavostrand
  6. Return of the Anunnaki (John Tejada remix)- Soy Mustafa
  7. Une Soiree – Francesco Tarantini
  8. Het Zwarte Kanon – San Soda
  9. Qtew The Back (Geoff White remix)- Onkel Brutalo
  10. Maybe Next Lifetime (King Britt Remix) feat Mark Bell
  11. My Love (Mr V and Reelsoul remix)- Jill Scott
  12. Honey (Da Sunlounge Rmx) – Lisa Shaw
  13. Take Me Back (Atjazz Rework)- Kings of Tomorrow
  14. Protection – Lil Tony
  15. Spock (DVS1 Voyage Home Remix)- VCMG
  16. Let It Rain (Deetron Edit) – Radio Slave
  17. Belize – Aja Schneider
  18. Light On Me – DJ Yellow and Astrid Suryanto