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After a move from the booze and sun-soaked college town of Santa Barbara, 23-year-old Rod Kashani AKA Sticky K settled in the Bay Area to focus on doing what he does best: making attention-grabbing beats that put crowds in a frenzy. Kashani not only left the University of California, Santa Barbara with a major in Film Studies and Music Production under his belt, but also a gained a space on renowned producer Switch’s label Dubsided along with impressive talents like Hervé, Sinden, Lee Mortimer, and Duke D. In the little downtime this rising star has had while managing the take-off of his massively successful latest single “Prince of Persia,” and working with artists like Dillon Francis and Major Lazer, he has crafted the latest Arcade44 podcast to keep those Miami vibes going until summer finally comes. ”My inspiration for this mix was tracks that are inspiring me to dance right now, as opposed to raging,” Kashani says, “So this mix is more on the house and deep side of things. Definitely a peek at what you’ll catch nowadays during one of my sets.” So Arcaders, pour a drink, put on your dancing shoes, and most of all, enjoy!

When was the moment when you knew you had to make music your career?

The moment I knew I wanted to do music as a career was actually when I held my first vinyl release in my own hands. I figured if I had come this far, then I could go all the way!

What’s got you excited about music right now?

Right now is a great time for music! All the boundaries have been busted down and I think there’s going to be a huge wave of creativity in not just underground music, but pop music as well. I think the reason for this is because people have such wide tastes now. This allows the musician to experiment and take more risks, which is always a good thing.

Tell me a little about your background and how you started your career.

My music career started in college. I was producing hip hop at the time and was working with local artists. But on a creative tip, it wasn’t too exciting! All they wanted were boomy 808 beats with hi-hats — like, “tikatikatikatika” — so I started to mess with dance music just for fun. I spent a year shopping my demo around and got it to Jesse Rose (who was playing a New Years Eve rave in SF two years ago) and that’s how I got with Switch and Dubsided. The rest is as they say… history!

How does the music scene in SF influence and inspire you?

San Francisco is an interesting city. It’s got a way more laidback scene than Los Angeles. Because SF is always foggy and the weather is similar to the UK, there’s a more dark, dubby vibe in a lot of music. I have to say my only gripe is that there is a lack of ambition in this city. People are really content to just coast along.

—Marie Cravens

Bay Area Players, Sticky K will be in the mix with Switch (you might know him as ½ of Major Lazer) and Nisus tonight at Mighty!


1. Homework – Fissa Tune (Thyladomid Remix)

2. Gonazles – I am Europe (Djedjotronic Remix)

3. Harvard Bass – Pruno

4. Dem Slackers – Swagger (Clouds)

5. Popof – Devil Monkey

6. Worth – Big Perm (Harvard Bass Remix)

7. Gesaffelstein – Variations

8. Boy 8-bit – Bulb Burns out (Obi Blanche Remix)

9. Sticky K – Prince of Persia