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It all started with “a bet over a beer” nearly a decade ago, and today Sydney-based streetwear line Zanerobe has built a devoted following of fashionable guys worldwide. As founders Leith Testoni and Jonathan Yeo describe it, they were both working “at major Australian financial institutions at the time and basically had enough of the 9 to 5. So they ‘wagered’ amongst themselves that they couldn’t do a better job than a local label that was essentially designing horrible shit.” Out of that competitive spirit came their debut collection, just a couple of weeks later. Next thing they knew, their vintage-inspired designs had taken off and, nine years later, they are living the dream. In addition to a sartorial passion, the Zanerobe boys are also devoted music heads, as evidenced by their exclusive mix for Arcade44. Having recently sponsored the successful Aussie BBQ at this year’s SXSW, we asked if they might share some bands to watch from their sunny shores. As the days get hotter, we think the mix is just the thing to enliven your own BBQ, wherever you might be.

What is your inspiration for the A44 exclusive podcast?

We love music in the studio and we’re always banging out sets to keep us jamming through the day. The inspiration for this mix is ‘all Australian’ —specifically, Aussie artists and bands that we recently sponsored to attend the Aussie BBQ at SXSW in Austin, TX.

The Aussie BBQ is the biggest live showcase of Australian music talent outside of Australia—a brilliant set of gigs that is a must-see each year – devotedly brought to us by the top chow at Stage Mothers. We love their ambition, their creativity and of course their music. The mix is quite eclectic due to the number of different bands that attended the shows but a fantastic example of the diversity and talents of young Australian artists.

What’s the Aussie BBQ like?

It’s wild. For the likes of Austin’s SXSW, the town sits down and focuses 100% on gigs—they rock out from every venue and on every street corner. If you like festivals but prefer a more organic presentation, the Aussie BBQ is raw energy featuring the best talent Australia has to offer.

How does music fuel your everyday?

Music IS our day—no matter what we’re doing in the studio, we always find time to source, mix and play tracks of all genres.

This podcast is a great way to share some amazing Aussie bands with a global audience. What should we know about the music scene in Sydney?

The state of Aussie music is so strong across the board that to answer this question would require me to write a thesis! In short, the only radio stations to listen to is Triple J and FBI who continually unearth and break new local acts. We have a plethora of fantastic live venues that support our local artists—The Gaelic Club in Sydney being one of our favourites! And bands like Birds of Tokyo are going great guns, popping up everywhere in Australia and abroad—good friends of ours and avid supporters of ZANEROBE!

Aussie Mix

1. Cloud Control – “Gold Canary” (Australia)
2. Boy & Bear – “Fall At Your Feet”
3. The Holidays – “Holiday”
4. Hungry Kids of Hungary – “Scattered Diamonds”
5. Birds Of Tokyo – “Plans”
6. Little Red – “Rock It”
7. The Boat People – “Awkward Orchid Orchard”
8. Operator Please – “Logic”
9. Bliss N Eso – “Down By The River”
10. Sparkadia – “Talking Like I’m Falling Down Stairs”
11. Beni – “My Love Sees You”
12. Wolf & Cub – “This Mess”
13. Art vs. Science – “Magic Fountain”
14. Miami Horror – “Sometimes”
15. Washington – “Navy Blues”
Special thanks to Chaz Vibes for technical expertise.