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Ever since our trip to Art Basel, the Arcade has been showing Miami a lot of love. February has left us craving hot nights and a good Miami dance party. The talent coming out of Miami isn’t helping us forget the city either. We must admit, we think we have a bit of a crush. One rising talent we couldn’t help but notice on the Miami scene is Pirate Stereo, aka Eyal Agai. Not only do we have an exclusive mix from the man himself, we also have him talking about his creative process, what he is listening to right now, and the best city for night life. We couldn’t think of anything better to heat up this winter Friday. Pirate Stereo, New York thanks you!

Who is Pirate Stereo?

PS is my alter. It began as a collective between myself and a friend from college and a while back it started evolving into a solo project.

You are originally from Mexico City, what drew you to Miami as a city to live and make music in?

When I graduated from Berklee in Boston, Miami just seemed like the right place for me. As far as EDM and DJ/ Club culture goes, Miami back then was “it.” And it still is…probably now more than ever.

From inception to completion – take us through your process when creating a new mix.

A mix takes months for me to complete. Not so much the recording process, more so the compiling. I like my mixes to represent what I’m playing out and so I need to really get comfortable with the tracks that I put in the mix and that takes time. I like the idea of someone listening to my mix and hearing something they really like then going out to see a PS DJ set and be able to recall some of those songs. It gives the whole thing a lot of coherence.

What was your inspiration for this mix?

My inspiration for this new mix was change. Everything around me has been changing, both personally and professionally..these songs have been the soundtrack to that change… so I’m happy I got to put em in a cool mix.

What new music are you digging right now?

I’ve been drawing inspiration from artists like: Erol Alkan, 2many Djs, The Magician, TEED, and Mickey. I’ve also been following labels such as Crosstown Rebels, French Express, Future Classic and Phantasy. There’s so many good artists and labels out there but I feel the ones mentioned above really have their finger on the button.

Name a few all time favorites.

Daft Punk, Air, The Cure, Radiohead.

In your opinion, what is the best city for nightlife?

I love Miami nightlife…but it’s not the best. I’d have to say my hometown of Mexico City is quickly gaining that title for me. The youth culture there has really taken back the city and young collectives like Distrito Global and Sicario.TV have given the city so much in the last few years, especially in terms of nightlife.

What does 2012 have in store for Pirate Stereo?

It’s hard to see too far down the pipeline but we’ve got WMC coming up in march which is always very exciting. I’m producing a really cool showcase with my amigo Troy Kurtz and the GDD crew ) at Bardot featuring Yuksek (Live), Plastic Plates, Cassian, Finger Prince and Mickey which I think is going to blow people away.


1. “Mercy” – Edit Murphy

2. “Cool Runnings” – Perseus

3. “Never Sleep” (Original Mix) – Kurtz & Bomber

4. “Miss You” (Troy Kurtz & Pirate Stereo Remix) – Rolling Stones

5. “Mother Protect” (Goldroom Remix) - Niki & The Dove

6. ” Now Now Now” (Miguel Campbell Remix) – The Penelopes

7. “I’ll Take Care of You” (Mighty Mouse Remix) – Gil Scott-Heron

8. “Limit To You Love” (Craig Williams Remix)  - James Blake

9. ” Sail Away” (Cosmic Kids Lost at Sea Remix) – Rapture

10. “Drink to Moving On” (Sunday Best Sunset Edit) – Grand National

11. “Hurting (Tensnake Remix) – Friendly Fires

12. “Dream On” (Original Mix) – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

13. “Love For Sale” (Jeremy Glenn Remix) – Mickey feat. Monarchy

For those lucky folks in the Miami area, catch Pirate Stereo tonight at Down Right Fridays Presents: Pirate Stereo. 11 p.m., Louis at Gansevoort South.