DJ Lady DM blesses the Arcade with an original podcast

Her obsessions include dance music, globe-trotting and a good old fashioned fascinator—and we have to admit we’re newly obsessed with DJ Lady DM. Her career spans the legendary dance floors of Amsterdam’s Mazzo Club, Zurich’s Lethargy, and Berlin’s WMF, having collaborated with everyone from Peaches to Jamie Lidell. Though she was born in New York, this “musical expat” spent her career in such far-off lacales as Berlin, Switzerland and New Zealand. Happily for us, she returns home with her new Tuesday-night residency at the lobby of the ACE Hotel, starting tonight.  Swing by and give your respects to the Lady of the house. 



What is your inspiration for the A44 podcast?

Being back in New York has really made me think about connections; not only familial roots, but also the space occupied by friends, places, and even things like food, that I associate very specifically with experiences I have had living in different cities.

 This podcast is inspired by a time when I was living in Berlin, Germany. I was terribly homesick and sought refuge in Jamaican Rocksteady music. Prior to that I had really overlooked and discounted Jamaican music- in that I took it for granted because I was too close to it. Rocksteady encapsulates my experience as a 1st Generation American; it is essentially American Soul music wrapped up in delectable Jamaican dub beats.  That best describes my reality.
As a “musical expat” you travel all over the world. What is your favorite city for music at the moment and why?

 I love Wellington, New Zealand because of all the musicians and bands I met while living there in 2008-09’. That city is such a seriously scalding hot pot of Tal-En-Ted and humble folks. Luckily, they are now coming our way; outstanding musicians and bands like; Deva Mahal of Fredericks Brown and Electric Wire Hustle. ‘Watch out world’ is all I’ve got to say.

Where are you based? Where are you from? How did these places influence you?

 I am now based in lovely New York City after having spent the past decade in Berlin, Germany…by way of Zurich, Switzerland, and New Zealand.

 I was born in upstate New York amongst the grass, rivers, and trees. Spent junior high and high school in South Florida, mainly partying down in South Beach- before it was developed. 

 Influence is a peculiar word. I think all my time abroad only served to intensify just how J’American I am. When it comes down to it, I like a good beat- doesn’t matter what color music it is.

Tell us about how you came to make music your life.

The earliest memory I have of being swept away by music was when I must have been 3 or 4 years old. My dad used to play records like Diana Ross’s Upside Down for my brother, sister and I. We used to dance like mad in the living room!

How do you describe your sound?

 My sound is unpredictable, with a dash of nostalgia (ahem, that’s why I wear the Hat). I prefer ‘old’ over ‘new’ frankly.

What is a typical Saturday for you?

 Why did you ask me this question? I’m afraid to tell you that after 15+ years of clubbing Thursday through Sunday, I am terribly boring. I do my budget on Saturday, and clean. In the fall I go hiking. In the winter I take off to the Korean Sauna for the day or do yoga.

What three favorite websites would you like to share with our readers? This is a great chance to put us up on other artists, blogs, etc.

 I’ve been blessed to work in Fashion Forecasting for the past 15 years, so check out my inspiration blog: For the other side of the story, told ‘by the people for the people’ I recommend all socially conscious beings tune into For the third tip, I dare your audience to google images of this word: ‘aye-aye’. That’s it for now.



 Phyllis Dillon -Picture On The Wall

Alton Ellis- It’s A Shame

Marica Aitken- I’m Still In Love With You

Keith & Tex- Stop That Train

Denise Darlington- War No Right

The Heptones- Fattie Fattie

Phyllis Dillon- You Are Like Heaven To Me

Toots & Maytals- Louie Louie

Phyllis Dillon- Perfidia

Alton Ellis- What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)?

The Kingstonians- Singer Man

Phyllis Dillon- Midnight Confessions

Jackie Mittoo- Ghetto Organ

Josey Wales- Love I Want

Jackie Mittoo- Evening Time