The Cribs // Glitters Like Gold

Growing up on the Pop-Up videos of decades past, it is no wonder that The Cribs’ new video for “Glitters Like Gold” totally won our hearts last week. So naturally, we took a moment to hear what this band of brothers (actual brothers) had to say about it all…

You guys have lived a few different places, do you identify as a band from any city in particular?

Not really. Regionalism sucks I think. In the UK at least it is used to absolutely define a band. If you are northern, like us, you get associated with Oasis and other such typically defined northern bands, which we have no interest in! You can’t help where you were born, it’s better to try and keep out of that kind of stuff. I think we all feel much more of a kinship with my adopted hometown of Portland, as a lot of the music out of the pacific NW was very pivotal to me and my brothers growing up. We were grungers, not britpoppers basically!

As a literal “family band,” do you feel that you write/make music differently because of this?

Maybe, you grow up listening to the same stuff, so you are pretty well attuned to one another I suppose. You also give each other more leeway, as you trust one another enough to let them do their thing, even if you don’t immediately get it.

Did you grow up with music in your house? Any genres/artists of influence?

We would hear the typical stuff – my mum would play us The Beatles, and later I kind of nicked her Kinks records. Still have them actually. My uncle was into Queen and they are still one of my favourite bands. We went to Switzerland to record with Queen’s producer, so I guess you could call that an influence. The Kinks were definitely a big influence during the writing and recording of our second album.

The video for “Glitters like Gold,” is nostalgic for a different time in the life of the music video. What are some of your favorite videos from back in the day?

Yeah, I have always been much more of a fan of budget videos that look cool rather than big budget lush affairs. “Sliver” by Nirvana is a good example. I also really like “Range Life” by Pavement, and “Pinebox Derby” by Beat Happening.

Tell us your best tour-story from your recent UK trip.

A guy outside the Edinburgh show wanted us to sign his arm, which we did with a biro. His skin was very sweaty after the show and the biro wouldnt work properly. He later sent us a picture of his arm – freshly tattooed with our strange, scrawly, scratchy signatures that didn’t really look anything like our actual signatures…I felt pretty bad about that one.

What do you guys have in store for summer?

After going to Japan for a festival and some headline dates we are doing a bunch of UK and european festivals, and some Irish dates with the Foo Fighters.

Catch The Cribs at one of their US tour dates below!

6/8 || Motorco Music Hall || Durham, NC || Tickets
6/9 || Masquerade: Hell Stage || Atlanta, GA || Tickets
6/11 || Fitzgerald’s: Upstairs || Houston, TX || Tickets
6/12 || The Parish || Austin, TX || Tickets
6/15 || El Rey Theater || Los Angeles, CA || Tickets
6/16 || Great American Music Hall || San Francisco, CA || Tickets
6/18 || Venue || Vancouver CA || Tickets

– Annick Mayer