St. Lucia // News

Jean-Philip Grobler, the Brooklyn via Johannesberg musician (aka St. Lucia,) has just released a new video for “Before the Dive.” To call St. Lucia unique, may just be an understatement. Grobler grew up singing with the Drakensberg Boys Choir School, where the group stayed in a remote area in the South African mountains, “learning everything from Bach and minimalist opera to African War Songs and Celine Dion.” However, they were not always tucked away from the rest of the world. When the group wasn’t studying the classics and such, they were touring Japan, Australia, Europe, and the US, etc. St. Lucia eventually ended up, as many musicians tend to do these days, in Brooklyn. St. Lucia’s EP will be released in the spring, as the first full-length release on Neon Gold Records. We have a feeling we will be pumping St. Lucia’s electro beats and warm rhythms all summer long.

- Annick Mayer