You Are // J*DaVeY

Play You Are // J*DaVeY

I fell in love with J*DaVeY many moons ago.  I mean the music is always great, but there’s something about these two in particular.  It’s the beats, thank you Brook.  It’s the vocal styling, Jack Davey’s sweet voice on every track.  It’s the innovation.  It’s the effortless brilliance on every single they release…this one is no exception.

J*DaVeY reunites with Marco Polo, turns the lights down low and gives us another track to fall in love to, “You Are”.

And YES…this track came out a WHILE AGO…but I wanted to be sure the Arcade gave it love.  Hopefully, this can bring a smile to our New York peeps going through it right now.

Check it out…