Boombox Series // Neon Hitch

It was a good day for a walk in the park.

As a late-autumn sun warmed the daydream ramblers in Central Park, a petite young thing with electric-strawberry locks appeared with a few friends in tow. As soon as UK singer/songwriter Neon Hitch launched into an acoustic version of her hit “Gold,” however, we knew this was no ordinary jam session.

Those friends along for the ride? None other than Rahzel—providing the percussion with his legendary beatbox skills—and Black Violin’s Wil B and Kev Marcus. The energy was palpable among the group, colored by the idyllic setting, a welcome break from the musicians’ everyday of tour buses and airless studio sessions. It wasn’t long before a crowd of delighted onlookers gathered to take in the impromptu show. “We just kind of jammed out and captured it,” laughed Neon Hitch as she caught up with the guys after the show.

The emerging pop sensation is living her life like it’s golden lately, winning fans with her pop-world clout (“Gold” was co-written by Bruno Mars) and throbbing dance floor beats. Growing up, it took time for Neon to embrace her unusual name, which is now shockingly suited to her vibrant stage presence and bright lyrics. So is her new home town, NYC, which she came to via a wandering path, performing throughout Europe and living in London and India before landing in the Big Apple.

It all adds up to some compelling storytelling on her debut album Beg, Borrow, and Steal, due early next year. But for now, how about a stroll in the park? Come on, Arcaders—let’s get hitched!

—Angela Cravens