Nights Like These // Outasight

Yonkers-born artist Outasight knows how to concoct a dizzying party jam from a well-mixed cocktail of rock, pop and hip hop. We caught up with him at Beats by Dre’s The Beats Store in SoHo, NYC, on a night when fans gathered to celebrate the release of his debut album Nights Like These. As the room rocked to his single “I’ll Drink to That,” Outasight took a moment to reflect.

“The songs all have a personal message and they feel good, so I want people to feel good while listening to them,” he mused as the crowd heated up. It’s sure to be an exciting year for the artist, who is poised to spend much of 2013 on the road (look for him in your town soon). Until then, let’s raise a glass, turn up the radio, and celebrate an unforgettable night with Outasight.

—Angela Cravens