Foals // Yannis Philippakis

“We felt liberated when we were writing this album,” Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis confessed to the Arcade this week, when the Oxford, England band visited NYC to shake up the city in anticipation of their upcoming third LP, Holy Fire.

“Liberated” is an interesting word for a group that has such a free approach to their music, keeping fans guessing—and thirsty—from album to album by constantly shape-shifting their sound. As Philippakis explains it, “we like to take risks.” The outspoken singer is known for toying with different vocal styles, adding a sense of mystery and allure to their supremely now blend of rock.

Right after their chat with the Arcade, these wild horses took off for Sydney, where they’ll perform a sold-out show at Oxford Art Factory on the 22nd. For the rest of us—Get ready. Holy Fire arrives February 11.

—Angela Cravens