Born Whole // Doe Paoro

This past week, New York Magazine gave Doe Paoro, aka Sonia Kreitzer, a spot on the “Brilliant” side of their Approval Matrix. Despite the onslaught of attention with the release of her new video, “Born Whole,” Miss Kreitzer is keeping it cool, calm, and collected. Lucky for us, we got a chance to speak with the woman behind the buzz. “Paoro is a misinterpreted word in [the] English translation of a Maori creation myth,” explains Kreitzer, “said to mean ‘Echo,’ [Paoro] is involved in the creation of the first woman.” Interested in how myth impacts the way “we understand where we come from, [and] at the same time, [how] myth is constantly rewritten or lost in translation, Kreitzer focuses on how ‘myths’ are ever changing. “Doe Paoro is a nod to our ability to [infinitely] reinvent our individual mythology.” Doe Paoro is not just a smart and talented breath of fresh air, she is a game changer, and one to watch for 2012.

How old were you when you discovered your passion for music? First instrument? First favorite bands, songs?

Music has always been a part of my experience. The first tape I ever had was Whitney Houston’s “Whitney” with that white leotard. She killed it! I love all that early 90’s R&B.

What inspires you creatively?

Relationsips. The way we communicate with one another. Life cycles.

“Born Whole” seems to boast a lot of Indian influences, tell us a little bit about that.

This wasn’t a conscious decision but I wrote it in the month after I came back from traveling in India and the rhythm and vocal cascades of the song are definitely a reflection of my time there. I did study Tibetan Opera in India and I also studied Carnatic singing for a short time. The part where I sing “each night I wail to the river ready walk on water to find his ghost” is reminiscent of the Indian swara (scale).

Tell us about the music video! Where was it shot?

The music video was shot in Syracuse, NY, where I’m from. We really wanted to capture that sort of creeping, recessed spirit of winter, and I don’t know anywhere that quite captures that feeling like the cities of upstate NY.

What would be a dream collaboration for you?

James Blake!

What does Doe Paoro have planned for 2012?

Big things! We are releasing our first LP Slow to Love on February 14th and will be headed to SXSW in March. We also have another music video in the lab right now; our director is editing out of Argentina at the moment. We are already working on writing for our next project.

Catch Doe Paoro at her Record Release Show this coming Monday, Feb 13th at Glasslands in Brooklyn

- Annick Mayer