Truth Tella // Cakes da Killa

Our favorite emcee is back with a new video.  Black and white, and full of high art drama, Cakes da Killa premieres the visuals for “Truth Tella”.  Directed by Sef “Minister Atkins,” “Truth Tella” is the first video from Cakes’ second mixtape Hunger Pangs, which comes out next week.

Cakes recently sat down with Interview Magazine to talk about the work.  “If it had to have a narrative, it would be about the conflicted pastor’s son who just happens to be a gay icon,” says Cakes. “Originally for the song I wanted to have a typical party type rap video, but when I thought about the most respected  truth tellers that impact lives, I gravitated towards pastors delivering sermons,” he continues. “Sef is an amazing director with church boy roots who uses a lot of religious themes. Together we wanted to play that up by paying homage to Baptist church fashions.”