Track 14 Sessions // Antoniette Costa

The idea, explains singer/songwriter Antoniette Costa, is all about inviting the audience into the process. Currently working on her sophomore album, Antoniette was suddenly inspired to open up her Times Square studio to a handful of lucky music heads, inviting them to an intimate recording session where they were free to move about the studio as she performed. “The sessions are meant to unveil what goes on in the recording studio,” says Antoniette. “The audience can walk in and out of the control room and the recording booth. It’s an intimate live performance where people hear raw vocals and instrumentation without amplification.”

It was a bold move. Stripped bare of any clever tricks or filters—Antoniette was often just a few steps from members of her audience—the session was as brave as Antoniette’s soulful compositions. She dubbed the experiment, now a series, the Track 14 Sessions. “That’s the train I take between Philly and NYC,” she explains. “Even though I live in New York, my musical connection is Philly. I began working out of Larry Gold’s ‘The Studio’ with The Roots Crew while studying at UPenn, and I still go there to rehearse and record. Philly musicians are unparalleled in what they do.”

Today, Antoniette divides time between recording her album and studying science at Columbia University. It’s not a typical routine for a young singer on the rise, but Antoniette’s lyrics reveal themselves to be as thoughtful and complex as the beautiful mind that dreams them up.