Theory of Revolution // J*Davey

To the strains of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” they descended on a ravenous crowd at SOB’s in New York City. Members of the audience—die-hard fans mingling with the uninitiated—were soon worked into a lather over the course of a 90-minute-set. Don’t be scurred, it’s just J*Davey’s world, baby.

The LA-based duo struck a chord when we went bowling with them on the afternoon before the show. Seeing the inimitable Briana Cartwright (Miss Jack Davey, if you’re nasty) and Brook D’Leau playfully tear up the lanes at Brooklyn Bowl gave us a glimpse into their sweet dynamic (they’ve been friends since high school). Be it Brook’s uncanny ability to craft beats so ahead we don’t yet have the vocab for them, or Jack’s otherworldy confidence, the pair can often seem as if as if they have dropped in on the rest of us from some point in the not-too-distant future. As they prepare to re-emerge this year with a new album on their major label debut with Warner Brothers Records, J*Davey are redefining the sound of modern soul music by simply being who they are—a sexy songstress with smarts, and a producer who puts the infinity in 808. You say you want a revolution? Well this one just might be televised.