Sweet Life // Cakes da Killa

I wish I could say I discovered Cakes da Killa while digging deep in the blogosphere, a late night gem while on youTube.  I wish I could say I was personally hand delivered his EP at the office, pressed play and fell in love.  But I won’t tell a lie – it was a scientist, a Vassar professor – my boy, who sent the email that winter morning with the subject line that simply read “Have You Heard THIS????”.  I pressed play on the soundcloud – again and again and again.

A few weeks later I had the pleasure of spending time with Cakes as he performed a concert at NYU.  I didn’t really know what to expect.  Would this be a tough interview?  Would he be difficult? Was it all a gimmick?  I was more than pleased to learn that Cakes da Killa IS a formidable talent, beyond gifted as an artist – the real thing.  He blew us all away, everyone in the room, because it wasn’t a gimmick.  But there was something more to Cakes … I found out he was incredibly funny and he was honest, he was warm.  His friends and his dancers, believed in him and he was there for them too.  I have never laughed so much on any shoot, been so happy than I was that evening with him and his crew.

I believe we’ll be hearing a lot from Cakes da Killa in the coming weeks, months – years.  The beats are off the hook, the talent is undeniable and it all belongs to a great spirit.

Keep doing your thing, Cakes.  You’ve got a friend in the Arcade … always!

Fataah T. Dihaan

For more info on the video, check out our interview with director Ja’Tovia Gary