Rebecca Ferguson // Nothing’s Real But Love

Yesterday we had the pleasure of sitting down with this lovely chanteuse ¬†for a quick chat. Rebecca Ferguson, the UK artist who is blowing audiences away with her set of pipes, has been making her way across the US in the past week or so. Ferguson first made her debut on The X Factor UK, and ladies and gentlemen, the girl is the real deal. During her State side appearances on the likes of The View and The Today Show, there was only one thing wrong…Ferguson was bound in a cast after injuring her leg. No good. To look on the bright side, we asked Ferguson what had been the best thing about her recent lack of mobility. She told the Arcade that it had forced her to slow down. Something that she desperately needed after going a mile a minute for months. Ferguson is not only insanely talented, gorgeous, and charming, she was one of the kindest and most humble people we have interviewed to date. Watch out America, Rebecca Ferguson is on the mend and ready to take over.

Rebecca Ferguson’s new album Heaven dropped on Columbia Records on Tuesday May 29th