The year was still 2011 when first we got wind of Tokyo’s Trippple Nippples. In a clip from Pharrell Williams’ “Toko Rising,” a documentary “about artists’ reaction to the 3/11 disaster” in Japan, we became entranced by the bordering-on-reckless energy of the Japanese band. Trippple Nippples first met Pharrell at one of their shows. “He came to our live show and got hit by a feather bomb,” they explained, “since then we’ve been talking to him about collaboration.” That’s right, a feather bomb. That is just how Trippple Nippples roll.

When we asked Trippple Nippples to take on the task of describing their music, they declared without hesitation; “It’s Oceania through Japanese eyes in the year 4012.” That being said, Trippple Nippples are undoubtedly a band that exist in the margins of the uber-pop soaked scene in Tokyo. “[J-Pop] is horrible,” they demand. However, “on the fringes [there is] a lot of interesting music being made, if you dig you will find anything you are looking for in Tokyo.” A little light digging on our end is exactly how we stumbled upon the magical world that is Trippple Nippples. “We want people to feel electricity in the air at our shows, so we design our shows with this in mind. A show is successful when we can feel the entire room moving in circles in anti-clockwise,” they explain, “it feels good to us instinctually and everyone looks very alive and moving in circles.”

We got to experience a live Trippple Nippples show this past New Years at Glasslands. It was one the of those shows that is pretty much impossible to explain, because, the retelling will never live up to the tactual experience. Trippple Nippples admit that at first, “some people don’t quite know how to react [to their live shows] because it’s something you don’t expect maybe, but then some brave people start going crazy and by the end of the set everybody joins with us and we all get really loose together.” That is, we suppose, what their music is all about…letting loose, really loose. “We like it when everyone comes up on stage with us. In that matter I’d say people’s reactions are pretty much the same all around the planet; shock, then surrender…” So, as you can imagine, we were insanely excited when Trippple Nippples threw us some details regarding their next big show. “Its a secret gig we are playing on the 28th [of] April, we can’t actually say anything about it but it’s going to be incredible.” For our sake, we can only hope that show is in NYC. In the meantime we can tell you that Trippple Nippples will be headed to Europe for the last leg of their tour, before heading back to Japan to continue working on the album. “We have some more videos we will release during our tour,” they assure us, “and are working on some musical collaborations with our prophets.” We don’t know exactly what that means, but we love the way it sounds. We have caught Trippple Nippple fever and we aren’t ashamed at all.

– Annick Mayer