Pure Energy // Emika // Arcade44 Original Video

Some girls just have that undeniable somethin’. Like electro-songstress Emika, who we hung with recently at Brooklyn Masonic Temple when she opened for Amon Tobin’s insane tour (trip the lights fantastic, and then some).

It all started when she was a schoolgirl in Bristol, making beats on computers she discovered in a school storeroom. Emika was temporarily sidelined by a long illness, which led to her seeking new horizons in Berlin. The dubstep head found her new city the perfect inspiration for a moodier, more atmospheric sound, realized on her debut album Pretend, which was released in September among a flood of live performances. Chatting in the Brooklyn Masonic Temple, bass reverberating around us, we found the Pretender realer than real as she told us about the inspiration behind her sound—all synths and shudders—and a belief in the spiritual qualities of techno.

European Players, catch Emika on tour through December, including a stop at Moscow’s 16 Tons on Friday.

—Angela Cravens