Pressure // Quadron

We’ve got our eyes on Copenhagen duo Quadron, especially after glimpsing this video’s rather non-saccharine take on teenage romance. “The director Daniel Kragh Jacobsen thought it could be interesting to do a video that wasn’t directly about the lyrics in the song, but was more inspired by the feeling of the song,” says Quadron’s Robin Hannibal, formerly of Owusu & Hannibal and Boom Clap Bachelors. “It is with no doubt the most happy song on the album, but it’s actually about the rivalry between siblings. But that’s the beauty of visuals. They can totally transform the mood and meaning of music.”

We’re expecting good things from this soulful duo for the coming year, as Hannibal and songstress Coco O. drop their self-titled debut next month. What’s Hannibal looking forward to in the ’10? “That’s easy—all of it! To come to L.A., visit the label, meet all the people who have contacted us, touring, making new music! 2010 here we come!” Sunny skies, it’s all right.